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Summed up, succinctly, the voice that’s calling you to connect.

Hear me out…

You know the girl that talked to all the strangers, raised their hand to read aloud in the second grade, and gladly said the welcome to church visitors—even when only 8 people showed up on Sunday.


Well that’s me! Using my voice has been innately embedded into who I am. My purpose. The essence of the spirit, that amplifies the voice.


I am confident in my ability to take direction and deliver. Charismatic, with a goal to inspire and breathe life into a brand. And lastly—conversational! So be assured that this sassy, youthful, clever, energetic and fun voice is worth us connecting!


Let's partner on creating something great!

African American Voiceover Actor
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Atlanta, GA USA
Source Connect and In-home Studio
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